5 negative thoughts to avoid when considering working online

Traditional ways of working are becoming rather outdated. Some people these days would do anything to avoid the classic 9-5 working hours spent in an office. No wonder why. Getting a job online and becoming location independent is something many people seek nowadays.

Have you thought about how much do you actually *work* from an office? How many hours do you actually spend on working, and how many on socializing? Not to mention commuting and all the other hours that you ‘waste’.

I also had a normal job, and I personally couldn’t stand the fact that I HAD to be in the office from 8-4:30 no matter how much work I had, or how useless I was all day. I felt like I was in prison.

job-onlineThe worst part for me was that I was a firm believer that people should seek opportunities to improve themselves and maximize productivity in order to minimize the amount of time they need to work in general – so they have enough time for anything else they are interested in and what makes them happy. However, the amount of free time you have when having an office job is limited, and normally, you have no chance to decrease the working hours. In Europe, fresh employees get 21 days off – which is not that bad compared to other parts of the world – but would you be satisfied with only 21 days off per 365 days? Me neither.

Have you ever had the feeling you’re in a ‘prison’ when you’re are working from an office? Have you ever felt bad about watching the sun going down at your desk? Are you considering going location independent instead? And are you afraid of taking the first step?

There is a lot of fear in people about becoming a freelancer and location independent; shifting from a traditional job to a more flexible lifestyle with on online job requires a lot of strength, devotion, and self-discipline. However, if you are playing with this idea in your head, you should definitely try it and see if it’s for you. Otherwise, you’ll regret not giving it a go later in your life.

It’s time to talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid of location independence. It’s time to get rid of the negative thoughts that stop you from taking actions and focus on the benefits.

5 things that you should not worry about when considering working online

1. I can’t have a real career online

Is it possible to establish a decent career online? Can remote workers ever be as much appreciated as office employees, even though there is a chance that employers will never meet them?

I recently started to realize that the online and offline labor market and career don’t differ that much. Even if you are location independent, you still have to prove that you are the right fit for the position you are working in, and you should continuously try to acquire better results.

Similarly to regular job posts, remote positions also require experience, as online employees are also expected to contribute to the online company’s success. There are certain positions you can fulfill and complete the emerging tasks, and there are ways to improve as an expert. You often times find yourself under pressure and in urgent situations – just in case of a normal job. Only the pathway on which you have to solve the issue is slightly different when you’re working online.

Anyway, let me tell you my experience. I wasn’t really aware of how to build a career when I started off. I never really planned anything. Still, it kind of happened. I didn’t think content writing would contribute to any of my goals, but it turned out to be super useful: content is king.

It drives traffic, engages people and eventually results in conversion. Therefore, EVERY BUSINESS has to have good content. This explains why there is a constant need for high-level content writers, content managers, and SEO people. I learned on the go, and by now I am working as a content manager. Also, there are more advanced, higher online jobs to acquire, to continue this path.

Online businesses also seek good workforce and they want to keep them too. Therefore, online companies do worry about motivating their employees, as happy employees work better. No one likes high fluctuation.

2. What about your current career; everything you’ve built up so far is totally over

No. No one can take your experience away from you. Even if you decide to quit your normal job and start your own business, freelancing, or working from a remote company in a totally different field, if you find out that this lifestyle is not for you, you can ALWAYS go back to the industry you previously worked in. There will be dozens of new job openings in other offices. Don’t be worried about the HR crew judging your attempt of trying yourself in another field if that happens, that company probably wouldn’t suit your ambition levels anyway. Dare to change!

3. Failure

“OMG, what if I quit my job, start working online and I fail?!”

There’s no such thing as failure, only long learning curve.You can’t fail with this one – You’ll learn a lot about yourself and about the industry on the way. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work out instantly; change the angle you were observing your goals from and approach them from another direction. The important thing is not to consider temporary drawbacks as a failure, but a process of learning.

Another thing to remember: you are already braver than most of the people in the world.

4. Financial insecurity

Jumping head first into a totally new lifestyle might involve some financial risks. The way I fought this was that I saved up some buffer while I had a stable, reliable income. This money could be used to compensate for less prosperous months, while I was still establishing my new career.

While working on this, I learned how to cut monthly expenses:

  • Quit unnecessary monthly subscriptions, services such as:
    • Services from my bank, like text message notifications
    • Kept only one embossed debit card and a credit card (miles and more)
    • Got rid of my secondary bank account
    • Stopped receiving catalogs from e.g. Avon to avoid ordering new beauty products all the time (It’s a big deal for a girl!)
    • Terminated memberships to the local library, swimming pool and gym I never really attended regularly (mainly at and around my university)
  • Thought shopping twice
    • Stopped buying unnecessary clothes, bags, shoes, and beauty products (already had like a million items); only bought the most necessary items.
    • No more fast food, I became more conscious about where to buy nutritious food, as I was going for quality as well.
    • Quit having endless night outs and drink loads of alcohol. One of the best decisions of my life.

Stopped buying anything basically, haha. But I didn’t really need anything.

As a fresh worker at a multinational company, my average expenses per month were altogether approx $600-$650 (in Hungarian Forints of course. Also, mind that this country is cheaper and the salaries are lower than in other areas of the world). After the above-mentioned minor changes, this monthly expense dropped by approx 30-35%. Check out this monthly expense calculator created by Tim Ferriss, it has helped a lot for me 🙂

5. Judgement of the others

“What will my mom/dad/family/beloved one say if I quit?”. My family is very close to me we have a great relationship with my extended family as well. I was terrified to tell my parents about my plans. I was sure they are gonna tell me off (although I was twenty-something years old haha), and I felt guilty for not taking my part of life as I thought they’d expect me to. Sure they were shocked. But do you know what? They said it was my life – and they were totally right. To my biggest surprise, they understood that I have a different approach to life and they accepted it. The ones who love you will support you in your craziest dreams as well.


Everyone has their own doubts, these were my biggest ones when I first considered having a job online. I managed to deal with them, and actually, when I was in the middle of the process, it wasn’t hard at all, everything became common sense. The first step is usually the hardest, but after that, everything will follow naturally.

What are your biggest doubts? What keeps you away from starting working online and getting more freedom in your life?


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