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5 negative thoughts to avoid when considering working online

Traditional ways of working are becoming rather outdated. Some people these days would do anything to avoid the classic 9-5 working hours spent in an office. No wonder why. Getting a job online and becoming

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How to create the best cover letter for an online job application?

So, did you manage to set up your new profile on some online job seeking platforms? Have you checked the latest job postings on them? If so, I am sure you’ve already come across an online job that

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remote job

Get an online job instantly

Searching for an online job is similar to searching for a normal job. You’ll have to evaluate what you are good at and see where the demand is in the online labor market. Submit your application, and

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How to get an online job? – Freelancing for newbies

So, I want to punch myself in the face when I repeat the word ‘easy’ all the time (call it the copywriters’ dilemma). Let’s put it this way: ‘it’s easier than you think to get started as a

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Blog Post length for seo

What is the ideal Blog Post length for SEO?

What is the ideal blog post length for SEO? It would be nice to have one good answer for this question, and get more traffic and conversions instantly, but as always the details are a little more complicated. There’s

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