How can you improve your English grammar?

As a content writer, my copies have to be flawless. My main aim is to express the thoughts of my clients and to provide quality content on their website. Combining these with proper keyword research and content strategy makes their businesses more successful.

Therefore, I like to use any support. Whether it’s a keyword research tool, an SEO improving platform, or an English grammar checker, I like to use the best available ones.

All writers know how difficult proofreading can be, especially if you check your article right after you finished it. In this situation, the text is still in your head, and your brain – while reading – relies more on memory, than on what your eyes can see. This way you might skip correcting some of the errors.

English grammar

A while ago, one of my friends recommended a great English grammar checker tool that I use ever since. It helps me write my articles in a much shorter time. Plus sometimes it recognizes errors that otherwise, I might skip correcting.  What is this tool? Grammarly.


How can Grammarly help you create flawless copies?

First of all, if you sign up, you can immediately get the free browser extension and the Microsoft Word plugin. Then, Grammarly automatically starts to check everything your write. You will find the Grammarly icon on the top right corner in your browser and in Word as well.

If you feel that sometimes you could use some extra help with English grammar, not sure about the proper word order of the adverbial sentences? Are you confused about the twelve tenses? Have you still not learned the differences between ‘lose’ and ‘loose‘? Grammarly English grammar checker will totally help you out with that.


Grammarly Grammar Checker



For me, the way people use punctuation always seems rather subjective. Some use more commas than necessary; some tend to forget about them entirely. Let’s not even mention the usage of semicolons! Until you are hundred percent familiar with the Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr., you can rely on Grammarly.


Grammarly Punctuation checker


When you are writing an important email or an article, your writing style should be flawless to impress the reader. The Grammarly style checker helps you stay as clear as possible and avoid wordiness.


Grammarly Stly Checker


With the premium version, you can also use vocabulary enhancement. When the word you’re using is not powerful enough, Grammarly recommends synonyms instead of the week adjectives. It is also a great way to widen your vocabulary.

Grammarly Vocabulary Enhancement


The premium version also provides an inbuilt plagiarism checker. You can edit your copy immediately when the plagiarism image pops up. It makes the writing process quick!


Grammarly Plagiarism checker



Besides all these, Grammarly has other great features. It’s a great tool to make your working hours more effective and to improve your English grammar. Go ahead and make your life easier! 🙂


About the Author Andrea Papp