Hey there and welcome, it’s Andrea here.

On this blog you’ll read about some ideas how to become location independent. I’ll share with you what worked for me without all the fluff,and all the unnecessary and time-consuming laps I ran in vain. So why don’t you learn from my mistakes and utilize the best practices?

Location Independence Is The Future

I believe, being location independent is the future. It’s that simple: how beautiful is that you are not bound to soil? You don’t catch yourself longing for a holiday in paradise - but you can take initiatives and move there for a while.

As you’ll be scheduling your own time, you’ll be able to deal with stuff that you wouldn't be in case of having a normal 9-5 job; like packing a bag and get on a plane, etc.This does not mean though, that you are totally free. You DO have a job, that you have to fulfill. The awesome thing about it - see 4HWW - is that while at a corporate job, you are obliged to spend 8 hours in the office, when you’re a freelancer you can actually grind through the tasks in the shortest time you can, and the rest of the day is yours!

  • God, how many hours I spent in the kitchen of my workplace, sipping coffee and chatting with colleagues. Paid hours, some would say, but how much is your time worth?

Do you need some inspiration? What else can I recommend here, but the cultic 4 hour workweek from Timothy Ferriss. Yes, his stories may sound impossible at the beginning, but they are not! See how others do it and get inspired!


So, I am from Central-Eastern Europe - we like to include the word ‘central’, but still, what it generally means on the labour market: ‘hey, there are people here that you can exploit at a minimum wage of $446/month, legally’ (true story). I have to add,that this is the very minimum,but barely enough for anything. Around $770 is considered an ‘okay’ salary, still pretty bad.

So for those for whom this situation is familiar: Why do you stick to being employed in your country? Become a freelancer at an American company, and earn better. If you are staying in your home country, this may improve your lifestyle big time.And we haven’t yet mentioned moving to one of the ‘cheaper’ countries and taking advantage of the price differences there. Sweet.

The World is Getting Smaller

As travelling gets easier and easier and boundaries are (mostly) open, people travel more. Why would you stop yourself from participating in this? Get your stuff together and travel to that dream destination. Toughen up and find your family members abroad. Whatever your goal is, pack the bag and go.

Who is this for?

This whole thing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to own a whole business. Of course, that’s the ultimate aim, and retire in your 30ies, but where should you start?

I started as a freelancer. I learnt from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes. I got insight of some very valuable mechanisms, principles, techniques,operative do’s and don’ts. Got some experience before starting my own ‘stuff’.


  • Are you a travel enthusiast who wants to explore the world?
  • Have you met someone from abroad and you’d like to spend more time together?
  • Are you fed up with your normal 9-5 job?
  • Are you a mom with a baby, but still want to work from home?
  • Is sitting in coffeehouses and cursing about internet is an appealing lifestyle for you? (pun intended)
  • Whatever?

Then, listen up. It is not easy. It requires a LOT of devotion, focus, and self-discipline. But it’s totally manageable. If I could manage it, you can too! 🙂