Summer content planning for busy holiday makers

Summer content planning for busy holiday makers

It’s already the end of July and you have not been on a holiday yet? Well, you’d better hurry up because summer will be  gone in a second. Who wants  to miss their well-deserved margaritas on the beach somewhere where it never rains?

None of us, I bet.

The bad news is your business is not going to run itself while you are away. So, do you have a blog to be updated regularly? Do you need to keep in touch with your potential customers?

Summer content planning for busy holiday makers

There is a reason why major authority sites have published  statistics that prove the effectiveness of consistent blogging.

According to Hubspot’s 2012 State of inbound Marketing Report, most of the businesses blog weekly on their website.

92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.”

The more they blog, the more customers they acquire – makes total sense. Also, 25% of the marketers regard their blogs to be crucial for their businesses to work. So, How can you leave for a month without having to give up on leads and conversions?


Here are 4 easy tips that can help you get away from the daily rat race without risking any of your business’ gains.

#1 Plan ahead on content

You probably know as early as winter that you will need a summer vacation. Why not start planning on content? Creating a buffer is always a good idea – not only when we are talking about content management. If you are used to blogging weekly, you only have to come up with 4, maybe 5 extra content ideas that you can fire out while you’re away. Should they be short or long posts? Find out more here.

Still, some of us prefer being spontaneous,  or we might not have that much time on their hands before travelling. What to do then? Write sketches or brief plans about the next content pieces, and hire a professional – like us – to complete it while you’re away . Quite easy, isn’t it?

#2 Who to hire?

There are many freelancer sites nowadays on which you can start searching for good writers. Hiring the right person, however, might be a long process and often times the first couple of choices won’t work out as you expected. Only hire those freelancers who are highly rated and they can provide a good portfolio. Spend some time on reading through their articles to evaluate their writing skills.

As I mentioned, this can be a rather long process. Otherwise, you can turn to reputable content management service providers who can help you out in this situation. They already have a team of excellent writers who probably meet your requirements.

Are you afraid that no one can express your story as you would? Try to create a detailed brief where you put an emphasis on the requirements that are important for you. You can always send the copy back for further editing, or you can also make some changes. You still saved plenty of time.

Tip: Not only native speakers can provide excellent content! Those who learned  English as a second language often times have better grammar than native speakers!

#3 Social media updates

Luckily, in our modern automatized lives, there are numerous software options and apps out there that will contribute to our relaxing holidays. Create a buffer on social media sites with Buffer. If you already have your topics ready you can set a schedule for each social media updates, and Buffer will make sure to share them when the most visibility is ensured. If it’s set up properly, you don’t have to think about it later, you can just relax  with your margarita while your audience is entertained by you. Isn’t that awesome?

#4 Can’t come up with good content?

Time is ticking, you have to catch your flight and you still don’t have an idea on any topic? Sounds like a nightmare. In this case, you can get some hint from keyword research. You already know your main niche. Type it into the search box in SemRush and you’ll be able to search for ‘related keywords’. Then, you can start brainstorming about the most appealing one.

An even easier way to check keywords is to start typing them into the Google search box and see which related keywords drop down. It can help to further specify your keyword.

These are some really easy tips that will help you stay relaxed on the beach. If your audience is entertained while you are away, they are not going to forget you. When you’re back fresh and sound, you can continue on collecting leads and customers.

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